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UpdateSep 19, 2023
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CapCut for PC is a feature-rich video editing program. It was known by with ViaMaker app name, now with multiple new modern and updated features, it has become more versatile and exceptional video editing software without any fee charges. It offers several latest editing tools to enhance your Tiktok videos, Facebook stories, Instagram reels, live streaming on YouTube, etc.

The software with 100 million users was developed by Bytedance Pte.Ltd is cross-platform and enables users to create stunning videos using an easy-to-use interface. No doubt, a simple tool that offers capabilities i.e. text to speech, creates auto-captions, motion titles, the latest background, amazing templates, and so on. You will find multiple amazing Pc versions of Capcut such as; CapCut Pro for PC without Watermark, Capcut Black Apk for PC, and Capcut Software use Online.


Capcut Features

User-friendly Interface

The app with a simple and easy-to-use interface gives easy access to any of your favorite editing materials. Simply hit the ‘Start Creating’ button and you are directed to the main screen of the app. The top is decorated with all basic tools including Media, Audio, Text, Stickers, Effects, Transitions, Filters, and Adjustments. On the right window, you have the project area for editing your videos. The user-friendly interface makes it easy to use all basic features such as resizing, clipping, and editing even for beginner users.

Video Effects

Simply click on the ‘Video Effects’ option at the top of the screen, get access to impressive limitless video effects, and create enhanced material. The use of pre-set themes, captivating phrases, stickers & emojis, photos, and other movie-style capabilities help you to identify on-screen objects to liberate them from their surroundings while crafting a  novel environment around them.  You will find multiple types of effects such as Stabilize for shaky footage, Speed for increasing/decreasing video speed, Animation, Motion Tracking, etc.

Flawlessly Edit Your Videos

The offers a flawless editing procedure as it does not depend on your expertise. It is not rocket science, but a film editing process using the intuitively designed interface. You need not have any skill, simply open the main screen and a smooth arrangement of buttons and features is waiting for you to create your cinematic vision.

Audio Library

The exciting experience of importing and exporting your cherished playlist enhances the exhilaration. It empowers you to change the backdrop tunes artistically with the addition of a symphonic dimension to your masterpiece.  Moreover, a great variety of audio files is collected for you to add to your creativity and manipulate it in a unique style.

Avoid Advertisement

Advertisement is necessary for companies that get great revenue from advertisement. But, during critical work such as editing video, the delivery of pop-ups and other such material disturbs us a lot. So, the app has resolved this irritating issue and ads are blocked by developers in the backends, and nothing to show during the editing process.

Add Subtitles

Similar to Google’s auto-translate AI technology, you will also avail the capability of adding subtitles even in your own voice. It is very handy, simply speak into your microphone, and have it automatically written on your video.  

Share on Social Media

The cross-platform also empowers the users to share their creativity on any social media platform i.e. Facebook, Tiktok, Instagram, YouTube, etc. Create your masterpiece and share it with your friends and go viral online.

No Watermark

The latest version of Capcut enables users to edit videos without a watermark. The feature is the best option as it helps the users to retain the originality of their videos.

Adjust Sound

The option helps the users to edit their videos while adjusting the sound in different ways, as you can modify the audio in your clips, extract sound from your videos, incorporate the sound with others, or even dub your own voice.

Use Online

It is also possible to use the software on your browser. It is capable of all types of devices i.e. Android, iPhone, Windows, and MacBook. Simply go to your browser, and avail all capabilities with the online version of Capcut.


How to Use Capcut

The Capcut interface is very simple and intuitive and you need to simply apply on-screen material to create your masterpiece. First of all, complete downloading and installation process of your app. Go to your main Settings of the app and click it to modify your settings before you start the editing process on your project. From Settings, you can select the destination for saving your project, modify the duration of the image, and the frame rate of the video can be set from Settings.

Now open your New Project option from the main screen, and import content from your device, or from the available library in the app. You can create a new montage you have to add several video files. Now, access to a wide range of tools, and start the editing process.

How to Download Capcut for Windows

You need to follow the given steps to download Capcut for Windows;

  • Click the ‘Download’ button given above on the page.
  • Wait for completing the downloading of the .exe file of Capcut.
  • Extract the downloaded .exe file, and click to open it.
  • Run the Capcut installer.
  • Click the ‘Install’ button, and you are directed to the Capcut Setup window.
  • Select your file type i.e. 32-bit, or 64-bit.
  • You can create a desktop shortcut to get quick access to the app.
  • Wait for completing the installation process, and complete the sign-up process using your Google or any other social media platform account.
  • Log in to your app, go to the main Dashboard, and move to the edit process while importing your required material.

Final Words

All-in-all, the user-friendly interface of Capcut with multiple innovative features offers a reliable and improved environment for users to use for any of their devices including Android, iOS, Windows desktop, etc.


Q: is Capcut free to use?

Yes, it is free of charge and you can use it with all innovative features without any fee.

Q: Is Capcut secure?

It is safe to use, as it has not any malicious files. You need to import content from authentic websites

Q: Can I use Capcut easily?

Yes, it is simple and easy to use, even beginners can use it reliably.

Q: How can I start my editing with Capcut?

Log in to your app, go to the main screen, and click on New Project to start your editing procedure

Q: Can I use Capcut on my PC?

Yes, the app as a cross-platform can be used for all types of devices including PC.

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